Anti progestational steroids

Laparoscopic surgical approaches include excision of ovarian adhesions and of endometriomas. Endometriomas frequently require surgical removal and excision is considered to be far superior in terms of permanent removal of the disease and pain relief. Surgery can sometimes have the effect of improving fertility but can have the adverse effect of leading to increases in cycle day 2 or 3 FSH for many patients. [ citation needed ] Laser surgery and cauterization are considered to be far less effective and only burn the top layer of endometrial tissue, allowing for the endometrioma and endometriosis to grow back quickly. Likewise, endometrioma drainage or sclerotherapy are somewhat controversial technique for removing endometriomas with varied degrees of success. Conservative surgery can be performed to preserve fertility in younger patients but as earlier stated can have the effect of raising FSH values and making the ovaries less productive, especially if functional ovarian tissue is removed in the surgical process. [ citation needed ] Operative laparoscopic surgery can provide pain relief and improved fertility. Radical surgical options could include singular or bilateral oophorectomy . [2] [3]

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Anti progestational steroids

anti progestational steroids


anti progestational steroidsanti progestational steroidsanti progestational steroidsanti progestational steroidsanti progestational steroids