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QuVa Pharma will continue to leverage the healthcare investment experience and deep resources of Bain Capital Private Equity to actively expand its current operations and open additional locations. “This large facility is a key component of the QuVa expansion strategy,” said Chris Gordon, a Managing Director of Bain Capital Private Equity. “We are pleased to support the QuVa Pharma management team as they continue to acquire, build and operate quality-focused compounding facilities. We are encouraged by the strong market demand for their innovative, safety-oriented approach and will continue to commit significant resources in backing this industry-pioneering venture.”

The Hardware and Equipment Business Unit’s mission is to provide the best instrumentation and equipment that meets our customer’s User Requirements and to provide the necessary support and service to ensure worry-free operation over the instruments and equipment life time. The Hardware and Equipment Business Unit includes a Metrology division that has an ISO 9001:2008 certified calibration laboratory. The Metrology group can calibrate Climet™ particle counters, GE Kaye™ 2000 Validators™, Shortridge™ Hoods, pressure and temperature measuring instruments. PSC Biotech has all equipment calibrated to NIST traceable standards, and our all of our equipment is qualified per internal PSC protocols. PSC Biotech has a validated, calibration database for managing GxP instruments.

The DynaShear inline high speed emulsifier disperses gums, stabilizers, proteins and sweeteners in a single pass delivering batch times as low as 3-5 minutes and less air entrainment. With flow rates up to 175 GPM, the 3-A compliant DynaShear delivers smooth product every time with no fisheyes or agglomerates. The two-stage rotor/stator action allows processors to run longer and CIP less frequently. When installed upstream of inline strainers or HTST balance tanks, the DynaShear improves your process, preventing clogged strainers and extending the life of pumps, valves, and seals. Lower your maintenance costs and total cost of ownership today!

Biotech pharmaceutical steroids

biotech pharmaceutical steroids


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