Dbol only cycle pct needed

Well.. There is some right and wrong with this article.. Number one? Test prop is a short esther and done in 3 days.. Number two.. dont work your arms one day and rest them for the next two days.. Adjust the carbs, vary the protein types.. Eat! There is no benefit to running dbol unless you eat and stick a long esther test with it. Dont bother. Run Tamoxifen.. Period.. After 4 weeks youre gonna want to start a Tren enth program for 8 weeks.. minimum. There are no legal subs for dbol pills.. No pro-hormone will suffice and will do more damage to your liver.. do it right or do it twice!

Thanks, was able to open that link. And I'm apt to agree with you on keeping the e under control, even with a 19-nor. The truth of the matter is I was using gear way before I knew about any forums and never knew about caber or prami. It never seemed to be an issue. Not saying what I was doing was right, as a matter of fact I was given some real fucked up info by some old bb cat. So these forums have been a great wealth of information, especially when it comes to pct and ai's. I'm just really skeptical about taking a da, like prami, since I've done more research on them outside of the forums. But thanks for the info bro. Not sure how the Karma thing works, how to get or give, so I think this is right +1

Dbol only cycle pct needed

dbol only cycle pct needed


dbol only cycle pct neededdbol only cycle pct neededdbol only cycle pct neededdbol only cycle pct neededdbol only cycle pct needed