East german anthem

After Germany had become reunified on 3rd October 1990, Federal President Richard von Weizsaecker confirmed in a letter to Chancellor Helmut Kohl, dated 19th August 1991, that the third verse of Hoffmann von Fallersleben’s “Lied der Deutschen” with Joseph Haydn’s melody are the official national anthem of the reunified Germany. (Between the time of reunification in 1990 and the official adoption of the third verse of the “Deutschlandlied”, the West German anthem was in use, which is essentially identical to the current anthem.) Contrary to popular belief, no stanza is currently forbidden to be sung, however only the third stanza is the official national anthem, sung on official state occasions; other stanzas may be performed for other uses. (Performance of the first verse, though, is often seen as an extremist, right-wing act.)

East german anthem

east german anthem


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