East german combat pack

And who was it who ran their car into the crowd and kill the woman? That’s why certain little rallys and stuff should not be allowed. Because you already know they’re going to get out of hand. When hate groups, and they ARE hate groups, protest or “rally” with the intent to commit violence, they need to be locked up. Bet you would be changing your tune if it had been YOUR wife that was killed. Me, I open carry and conceal carry. But I don’t attend any rallies or protests or anything of that nature. I fought so others could have that freedom of speech, no matter how asinine it may be, BUT, not “freedom of violence.” THAT, is what i was getting at. Antifa goes around and creates trouble wherever they go to. That is her sole purpose. There has to be a limit, or people have to be aware that there is a reoccurring situation when these groups go out and protest or rally. It”s called common sense.

The creation of ethnically homogeneous nation states in Central and Eastern Europe [42] was presented as the key reason for the official decisions of the Potsdam and previous Allied conferences as well as the resulting expulsions. [43] The principle of every nation inhabiting its own nation state gave rise to a series of expulsions and resettlements of Germans, Poles, Ukrainians and others who after the war found themselves outside their supposed home states. [44] The 1923 population exchange between Greece and Turkey lent legitimacy to the concept. Churchill cited the operation as a success in a speech discussing the German expulsions. [54] [55]

East german combat pack

east german combat pack


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