East german cuisine

The cuisines of the Americas are found across North and South America , and are based on the cuisines of the countries from which the immigrant people came, primarily Europe . However, the traditional European cuisine has been adapted by the addition of many local and native ingredients, and many techniques have been added to traditional foods as well. Native American cuisine is prepared by indigenous populations across the continent, and its influences can be seen on multi-ethnic Latin American cuisine. Many staple foods eaten across the continent, such as Corn , Beans , and Potatoes have native origins. The regional cuisines are North American cuisine , Mexican cuisine , Central American cuisine , South American cuisine , and Caribbean cuisine .

The authentic menu with a variety of Old World German dishes includes Schnitzel, Bratwurst, and Sauerbraten, with newer-age items such as Flammekuchen and Maultaschen. For those not so adventurous palates Edelweiss offers other Continental fare such as Chicken Cordon Bleu, Filet Tournedos, or Fresh Salmon Filet. Imported German Beers and Wines can be ordered to compliment any of the flavorful dishes. The European-trained Swiss Pastry Chef bakes all of the desserts from scratch, so save room for one of the rich Tortes or pastries, or take some to go.

East german cuisine

east german cuisine


east german cuisineeast german cuisineeast german cuisineeast german cuisineeast german cuisine