East german day pack instructions

False Advertising: In the Crystal Ice Cave tour description on the website it quotes, “Group Maximum: 16 people.”. This led me to believe that the maximum amount of fellow tourists would be limited to and not exceed 16 people. Upon reading that, we agreed that a maximum of 16 people would be a manageable group to tour with. This was not our case. There was a headcount of passengers on the bus for our time slot and it was a head count of about 30 people. This led to over crowding of the ice cave and less space to explore the nook and crannies because we had to constantly wait for each of the extra passengers.

Gustav Wächter has always regarded Hansaplatz as one of the most beautiful places in the city, and he has often rounded off his working day by buying something from one of the market traders or in one of the small shops in the square. He wonders whether he should call in at Herr Simmon’s chemist’s shop on the corner, at Hansaplatz 7, to buy some invigorating chest lozenges before he makes his way to the station to catch the train home to his apartment on Eppendorfer Weg. Then it suddenly strikes him that the statue symbolising Hansa has turned her back on him. It has never occurred to him before, but she is looking towards the south-east, towards Steindamm and on to the Holy Land. And for the first time Gustav Wächter sees that her right hand is not in fact raised in a protective gesture over the city, but extends from her body in a Nazi salute.

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East german day pack instructions

east german day pack instructions


east german day pack instructionseast german day pack instructionseast german day pack instructionseast german day pack instructionseast german day pack instructions