East german elections 1990

The UN and other members of the international community have created a quandary by supporting the LPA with one hand, while simultaneously undermining it with the other by supporting preferred factions on the ground. This approach has essentially left the UN toothless and rudderless, managing political ‘optics’ rather than an implementable political agreement. Without concrete change in this dynamic, Salame’s roadmap is likely to remain entrapped in the same limbo state of his predecessors, ultimately meaning that no concrete agreement or amendments to the LPA can be expected any time soon.

The Basic Law provides that the new Bundestag has to hold its first sitting no later than 30 days after the election; . no later than 24 October 2017. During its first sitting the Bundestag will elect the Presidium of the Bundestag , . the President of the Bundestag and the Vice Presidents of the Bundestag. By tradition the biggest parliamentary group (CDU/CSU) has the right to propose a candidate for President of the Bundestag and following the rules of order every group has the right to be represented by at least one Vice President of the Bundestag. However, the Bundestag may decide to elect additional Vice Presidents. Every member of the presidium has to be elected by an absolute majority of the members of the Bundestag (in this case 355 votes). Until the election of the President of the Bundestag, the father of the house , the member of parliament with the longest membership, will preside over the session.

East german elections 1990

east german elections 1990


east german elections 1990east german elections 1990east german elections 1990east german elections 1990east german elections 1990