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De Maiziere became prime minister in the last GDR government, leading a coalition. On October 3, 1990, the two halves of Germany were reunited and the East CDU was merged with West CDU. Mr de Maiziere became a minister without portfolio in Helmuth Kohl’s government and vice chairman of the CDU Party. Der Spiegel soon revealed that even Lothar de Maiziere was a long-standing informant for the Stasi under the cover name ‘Czerni’. Almost all leading people from the East CDU party were revealed as have been informers for the Stasi, leaving Merkel as the only one untainted. Merkel had become a member of the Bundestag on December 2, 1990. She succeeded Lothar de Maiziere as vice chairman of CDU, without ever having applied for membership of the party. Helmuth Kohl appreciated Merkel’s fast intellect, industry and ambition. So she was soon appointed to the position of minister for families, despite being childless and living with her partner, Professor Joachim Sauer , without being married.

I’m no big fan of Israel. I think it has a right to exist, but I also think it goes about things the wrong way. I also think the Palestinians have a right to their own country, but they have not done themselves any favors either. If Pennsylvania was lobbing shells into New Jersey, there’d be one heck of a brawl on the Delaware River. It’s a like a bad marriage. They need to go their separate ways. And it should be noted that if the Arab world, with all its oil money, really wanted to improve the lot of the Palestinians, they could have done so long ago.

East german jackboots for sale

east german jackboots for sale


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