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© AFP 2017/ JUNG Yeon-Je Detente in US-North Korea Crisis May Not Last Long, Give-And-Take Welcome Tensions increased between the United States and North Korea following the UN Security Council's adoption of new sanctions against Pyongyang on August 5. Last week, Washington and Pyongyang exchanged heated warnings, with US President Donald Trump promising to meet any North Korean threat with "fire and fury" and North Korea saying it was seriously considering a strike near the US territory of Guam in the western Pacific.

Hardegen continued to sink Allied shipping on New York’s doorstep. On January 15, U-123 sent two eels into the Coimbra, a British tanker that broke and then exploded. “The effect was amazing, strong detonation, fire column reaching 200 meters and the whole sky was illuminated…,” Hardegen later wrote. “Quite a bonfire we leave behind for the Yankees as navigational help.” He did not bother submerging his boat after the attack, yet no US response came. No planes ventured out after the sub and no destroyers left for sorties. In fact, nothing stopped Hardegen from making another kill: the freighter San José. This latest victim was sent to the bottom in shallows 1,000 yards away from the coast guard base at Atlantic City, New Jersey, where an unarmed patrol craft that had been sent out to find the U-boat was having its engines repaired.

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Buenos Aries hung posters of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dressed in a Nazi uniform prior to the Israeli leader’s arrival in Argentina on Monday.

One of the posters shows Netanyahu in an SS uniform looking like Adolf Hitler that said: “Get out Zionists from Palestine. Get out Netanyahu,” according to the World Zionist Organization, which sent copies of the posters to the media.

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Another poster in the form of a wanted sign charged Netanyahu with “human rights crimes” and the “genocide of the Palestinian people.”

A Facebook page called Justice, Peace and Freedom for Palestine, featured a picture of Netanyahu with a Swastika drawn on his forehead.

An anti-Netanyahu rally is planned for Tuesday afternoon in front of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aries. Netanyahu left Sunday evening for Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, the first sitting Israeli prime minister to visit Latin America .

World Zionist Organization deputy chairman and dead of Countering Global Anti-Semitism Yaakov Haguel reacted to the antisemitic nature of the attacks against Netanyahu.

“It is a very serious matter to hang signs promoting antisemitism and hatred against Israel on such an historic day,” Haguel said. “The WZO will continue to fight this scourge.” Argentina has the sixth-largest Jewish population in the world and the largest in Latin America, numbering some 200,000.

East german posters

east german posters


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