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Future of Pharmaceutical Chemical Analysis by 2020: Marketing the future - The third in the Pharma 2020 series, outlines a confluence of dynamics that lead to a new marketing and sales system with a smaller, more agile and smarter sales force. The pharma industry is no longer being rewarded for incremental innovation, me-too products and selling the most pills. Companies will need to demonstrate that their brand adds value to patients and they will have to offer a package of products and health services that the market not only wants and needs but is willing to pay a premium for. The paper highlights some very strong facts related to the need for Pharma to change its marketing and sales functions in order to sustain future growth and performance.

Detailed design plans for the Guayama purification plant were completed by June 1997 and construction began in early 1998. Since then, FDA accreditation has been obtained and the plant now supplies to market. IPR, the established engineering contractors who have design, engineering, procurement, construction management and commissioning / validation experience in Puerto Rico have completed the project. The new facility went operational at the end of 2000. In 2005, the plant was sold off as part of AstraZeneca's restructuring activities.

March pharmaceutical winstrol

march pharmaceutical winstrol


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