Medical purpose of steroids

Thanks very much for your comment, Chandler. I agree that psychiatric health is as important as, for example, cardiovascular health. However, I think that the border between psychiatric pathology and an appropriate psychological reaction is sometimes intentionally blurred by those who seek enhancement rather than treatment. I will clarify what I mean by this. Being upset over the death of a loved one is a natural reaction to a human event, a healthy reaction, I would say. Similarly, losing a job or a friend may elicit sadness or anger. Should physicians treat these patients with drugs just so they don't have to feel sad? I would argue that this is not an appropriate use of medical care, that this is beyond the realm of medicine. Those reactions are part of human experience and behavior that is not pathological but understandable and healthy. On the other hand, if someone is so depressed and so handicapped by that depression for months or years on end, then yes, this person needs therapy, whether that is pharmacologic or cognitive behavioral. The latter example falls within the realm of medicine. This patient needs treatment in order to be made whole again. I have chosen the clearest contrast between these two categories in order to make a point. Please let me know if you have other questions/disagreements!

“After nearly 30 years as a partner at CMP, I have begun to reduce my working hours as I approach the time to retire. As from the end of March I will be working 2 days per week at Cheadle – Monday and Tuesday. At the same time I will be retiring from my role as senior partner, remaining as a salaried doctor. I plan to retire from practice in July 2018. I have been connected with the practice since I was a medical student here in 1984, and I look forward to enjoying my last year or so here as much as I remember enjoying the first.”

Medical purpose of steroids

medical purpose of steroids


medical purpose of steroidsmedical purpose of steroidsmedical purpose of steroidsmedical purpose of steroidsmedical purpose of steroids