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Matthew 3:16-17  Have you been born again?  If so and you haven’t yet had a water baptism, why not?  There is every reason for you to be obedient and follow God’s command for all believers to be baptized.  By doing so, you’ll be identified with the Body of Christ, the church and you’ll be identified with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and you’ll also be baptized (or identified) into His death, burial, and resurrection, all of the things that the believer will experience for real someday.  For those who die in the faith and those who die without Christ, Daniel speaks of this time “And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt” (Dan 12:2).

Know why when you observe the grand unified field electrons collapse from waves into particles? Know why when 10 people witness a crime or an accident, they have 10 different versions of what happened? Know why you remember your first kiss very differently than you experienced it at the time? Because this whole thing is your consciousness. The whole universe is you PetarKa. All of it and not a particle less. (Pun intended).  Food is no exception. Why can someone eat red meat on the daily, smoke cigars, bang anything with two ears and still live to be 90 while someone else can maintain a healthy lifestyle and croak midlife? Look around you right now. See all that. It's consciousness. It's thought, within thought, within thought- carried on for infinity. No end. It is your thoughts about food that matter. Your beliefs matter. Your connection and alignment to your universe within matter. But, and here's the have to listen to it. If it says "PetarKa, bro, get us up at 4am and excercise and meditate", then you have to listen. If your inner self says "Petarka, my good man, don't eat that cheese burger. You know you'll be feelin slow tomorrow and for you bro, feelin slow just doesn't cut it anymore". You got to listen. You want more. You asked for more. The universe is always listening. It is always guiding you. It ALWAYS gives you what you are asking for. You just have to allow it in to your life. You got's ta listen to it! You think it's bad to slit a cow's neck, chop it up into pieces, roast it and chow it down? Then don't. Does it feel good to you to make a vegan protein shake and a salad and much out on strawberries? The rock it. But don't forget that there is no objective reality. We are each our reality. Your food questions are answered by the beliefs you hold in the food category.  Let them go. Align. What unfolds over time will blow your mind. Keep rockin Petarka! 

Nimmt patrik baboumian steroide

nimmt patrik baboumian steroide


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