Oral thrush

One of the best applications of clove oil is the ability to fight against oral thrush. A research was conducted to see how this oil fared against other antiviral and antifungal treatments. And the results show that clove oil was as an effective method as nystatin, which is a drug commonly prescribed to treat oral thrush. Another research conducted in 2005 also showed that clove oil has strong antifungal activity against fungal pathogens like oral thrush. Mix 2-3 drops of clove oil and 1 tbsp of coconut oil and then swish it in the mouth for at least 20 minutes. Then split it out and finally brush your teeth. Alternatively, you mix several drops of clove oil with boiling water to make a solution. Drink it to wash your mouth.

This type of infection spares no one; however, common victims are infants and elderly people who have weak immune system and especially people with dentures. For example, a mother encountering with  vaginal yeast infection  can transmit the fungus to her infant, making the baby accessible to oral thrush development. Infants contracting oral candidiasis can exhibit the signs of fussiness and irritability, causing them to get trouble in feeding. As a woman’s breast is diagnosed with candida, the presence of read itchy sensitive nipples , a dry areola, or abnormal pain between the breast and nipples becomes relatively high.

Oral thrush

oral thrush


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