Primobolan oral steroid

Please do not expect mind blowing mass while on this cycle; however whatever you put on you keep, so it completely depends on how disciplined you are during this cycled. What I mean by this is make sure you dedicate the entire cycle to building lean muscle mass, don’t miss gym, don’t eat junk food, and get yourself a proper lean bulking diet.

The other beauty about Primobolan over other oral steroids is that it is not a 17-alpha-alkylated compound, so it has very little impact on your liver. For PCT you can look at a basic PCT consisting of just Clomid and Nolvadex.

For this cycle you will need the following:

Simply told, Primobolan helps people keep their muscle mass while they are dieting. That is probably the main reason why people use Primobolan for their cutting cycles. And do you know what the most magical thing about Primobolan is? The most magical thing about Primobolan is that this anabolic steroid keeps current leans muscle mass while a person on a low-calorie diet is gaining new muscle tissue. We also witnessed ourselves to several bodybuilders who gained lean mass and lost body fat before their contest simply by consuming Primobolan. We are not saying that those bodybuilders became mass gods, but they however gained an average one pound of muscle mass each week.

Actually dbol is an oral steroid with active substance methandienone , its very popular since its effects are quickly seen and anticipating things if PCT is not done properly much of results of dbol alone cycle are gone, that is why its good to stack dbol with some injectable steroid , like testosterone for example. Dbol and testosterone cycle is one of the most popular steroid cycles among beginners who are very happy with results. In combination with hard training routine it will bring you mass, strength and faster recovery.

Primobolan oral steroid

primobolan oral steroid


primobolan oral steroidprimobolan oral steroidprimobolan oral steroidprimobolan oral steroidprimobolan oral steroid