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Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what is going on within the muscle fibers using the concept of the myonuclear domain . In each muscle fiber, there are multiple nuclei (shown as pink dots in the figure), which are required to send out messages for muscle fiber repair and growth in response to training and overload. This results in the deposition of new muscle tissue, causing growth known as hypertrophy . The resulting muscle is now bigger and stronger. Evidence shows that the number of nuclei generally remains proportional to the size of the muscle fiber, meaning that when a muscle fiber grows, the number of nuclei also increases. Each muscle ( myo ) nuclei is thought to control a domain within a muscle fiber ( myonuclear domain ). These are represented by the dotted sections in the Figure.

Steroids strongman competition

steroids strongman competition


steroids strongman competitionsteroids strongman competitionsteroids strongman competitionsteroids strongman competitionsteroids strongman competition