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Lady million is a lovely scent on me,but not a floralfruity,I can get a whisper of raspberry during first seconds and then it disappears,what is left is a creamy combination of white florals with a very faint touch of orangy citrus in a warm,sweet honey/amber base
There is a dominant bouquet of whiteflorals but none of the floral notes overpower the others,so I can't put my finger on a specific floral as dominant note..Jasmine,neroli,gardenia and orangeflower they're all there,but very well blended,freshend with a juicy fruit note(I can't get any fruit but I can get a juicy freshness which I know an invisible fruit note responsible for it)
It's honey/amber base is soft,sweet,warm and rich,but it's sweetness isn't too much,it's not sticky,cloying or sugary..I can detect any patchouli or other notes
I think lady million is nice smelling,classy,versatile and likable but also generic..it's all year wearable(except hot summer days)and is a crowdpleaser,it's a great choice for a young lady,especially if she's not much intrested in perfume world and has just couple of perfumes)
But if you're looking for an interesting perfume,a stand out,it can dissapoint are a million of similar scents out there(white florals+a hint of fruit or citrus+a sweet ambery or honeyed base).I like how it smells and I'm gonna use it sometimes when I want to smell nice but I don't know what to wear but It's not full bottle worthy for me,I also like it's bottle as I like 1million,I love gold :)
Longevity and sillage are both more than moderate,let's say good
Since I've heard about great sillage of lady million absolutely gold I'm more intrested in that one but I think absence of honey can ruin this scent for me

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