What is in d bol

What follows is a warning to those people learning COBOL with the help of this document. The variable names used to implement the algorithm to find Easter day are near to useless as to intent and or reason. It’s not good COBOL style and I got called on it. Take the critique for what you will, I took it as ‘hey, come on, write better code if you’re going to show it off’. Keep in mind that if you ever are fortunate enough to work with core business COBOL, what I got as a critique, could well be an embarassing drumming from a boss and threats of firings. And as a side-note, be willing to take drummings and learn from them before the threats of firings occur. Programmers should never be defensive over code, but open and willing to better.

After the end of his NBA career, Bol played 22 games for the Florida Beach Dogs of the Continental Basketball Association during the 1995–1996 season. The Beach Dogs' games against the Sioux Falls Skyforce in that season were broadcast by ESPN , as the Skyforce also featured a former NBA player, Darryl Dawkins . In 1996, the Portland (Maine) Mountain Cats of the United States Basketball League announced that he would be playing with the team, and included him in the team program, but he never appeared in uniform. He then played professionally in Italy in 1997 and had a stint in Qatar in 1998 before rheumatism forced him to retire permanently. [22]

What is in d bol

what is in d bol


what is in d bolwhat is in d bolwhat is in d bolwhat is in d bolwhat is in d bol