Yankees players caught steroids

What about the magic of the Yankee uniform? Players traded to the NYY from other teams late in their careers, (Mize, Slaughter, etc) experienced a resurgence and were instrumental in the team winning pennants and championships. Few players would turn down reasonable contracts from the Yankees, because playing for that legendary franchise is the pinnacle of MLB experience. I don’t have stats on this, but it seems that the best is brought out in those who can take the pressure and have the talent once they put on those pinstripes, whatever their age.

The most influential of the bunch — and the most disputed. When Bobby Thomson hit the playoff-winning home run in 1951 at the Polo Grounds that set off the legendary call of “The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!”, the home team was employing an elaborate system to steal pitch signs from the opposing Brooklyn Dodgers’ catcher, according to  a convincing Wall Street Journal report . A telescope-toting spy in the bleachers relayed the sign via electrical wire to the bullpen where it was conveyed to the batter. It is agreed that not all Giants hitters participated in the scheme, and Thomson went to his grave without confirming he knew he would see a fastball on his historic clout.

Born: September 25, 1917 in New York, NY
Died: August 13, 2007 in West Orange, NJ
Height: 5-6, Weight 150.
Threw and batted righthanded
Number retired in 1985
Playing 13 years for the Yanks, "Scooter" went to the World Series in 10 of those seasons. That stat may best explain why the diminutive shortstop is regarded as a true Yankee legend. He was a durable, outstanding shortstop, skilled bunter and enthusiastic baserunner with a solid .273 lifetime batting average. In 1950 Rizzuto earned the . MVP Award, batting .324 with 200 hits, 92 bases on balls, and 125 runs scored. He batted .320 in the 1951 World Series and was named Series' MVP. Spent 40 years as a Yankee broadcaster (1957-96). Elected to the Hall of Fame in 1995.

Yankees players caught steroids

yankees players caught steroids


yankees players caught steroidsyankees players caught steroidsyankees players caught steroidsyankees players caught steroidsyankees players caught steroids